Bomb is a form of artificial life, or alife. The essential feature of life is creative expansion. When a seed develops it performs information decompression. In contrast to behavior that is static, repetitive, random, or predictable, life has the ability to keep doing new things.

Bomb is a visual parasite. It is also a free, living, software.

Organization is the rule, not the exception. We are left with Fermi's paradox: where are the extraterrestrials?

The objective is to erect/climb the chain. Bomb works because it is something new, something now available and part of culture. It provides raw material for further manipulation and creation. It disseminates an idea.

Scott Draves was born in 1968 and began to make eye candy with an Apple //e computer in 1982. At Brown University Scott worked in the Computer Graphics Research Group and received a BS in Mathematics in 1990. His first well-known image series (Flame and Fuse) were created in 1993 in Japan. The first version of Bomb was released in 1994, and the project has been ongoing since then. It passed its 20th revision in 8/98 and now sports two active "tips" of growth (the max and linux versions). Scott received his PhD in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University in 1997 with a thesis on metaprogramming for media processing. He lives in San Francisco and divides his time between working for the Transmeta Corporation and writing free software.